Car sales in the U.S. rebounded in October by nearly 14%

Moscow. On 5 November. Active growth of sales of cars in the U.S. continued in the October of 2015 on the background of favorable economic environment, low interest loans and low gasoline prices, as well as massive discount and special offer dealers.

In September sales jumped by 13.6% compared with the same month of 2014 – up to 1 million 455,5 thousand passenger cars and light trucks, according to Autodata Corp.

For the second straight month sales based on an annual rate exceed 18 million from 18.2 million in September and 18,12 million in October. The consensus forecast for this indicator was equal to 17.7 million, the maximum score 18.1 million cars. The last time monthly sales based on an annual rate exceeded the level of 18 million in July 2005, when they reached 20.6 million

Analysts confirm the forecasts that the current year for the U.S. auto market in General may be the best since 2000, when it recorded a historical high of 17.35 million vehicles (data from WardsAuto). The largest U.S. carmaker General Motors (GM) on Tuesday announced that the moving average of sales for the six months indicates a potential new record in the industry.

Estimated website in October, manufacturers and dealers have increased the costs for various programs to stimulate sales on average by 14% to $3104 per car.

The largest growth in terms of sales in October was GM, which increased sales by 15.9%, to 262 thousand 993 cars. But its share has exceeded 18%.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV sold is 14.7% more cars than in October of last year, thanks to strong demand for Jeep SUVs (+33%).

Ford sales rose 13.4%, the most popular of the Explorer SUVs, sedans and sports cars Focus Mustang.

Last month was a record for Toyota Motor Corp. in the U.S. sales jumped 13.3% to 204 thousand Honda also recorded in October, a new high sales in the American market – to 131.7 thousand cars (+8.6 per cent). Nissan Motor Co. increased sales by 12.5% to 116 thousand cars.

South Korean Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. increased sales in the U.S. market in September, 19.8% and 12% respectively.

Because “diesel scandal” German carmaker Volkswagen looked paler than the vast majority of competitors selling the same brand name for a year practically has not changed, the implementation of the group increased by 5.2%.

Unexpectedly high growth was recorded for the brand Audi – 16,8% to 15,15 thousand cars.

However, the leader by sales volume in the U.S. market in the segment of “luxury” remained a unit of Daimler AG – Mercedes-Benz, whose sales in October rose 3.3 percent to 30.7 thousand cars. In second place with a minimum separation of BMW – 30,6 thousand cars (-3.8 per cent).