Ex-CEO of Vimpelcom to Londero charged with corruption

OSLO, 5 November. /Corr. Yuri Mikhailenko/. Former General Director of telecommunication holding Vimpelcom Ltd. Norwegian Jo Lunder, was on Thursday arrested at the Oslo airport. About Norwegian broadcasting Corporation said his lawyer Kato Sets.

According to the lawyer, Landero had been charged. However, Sets not yet had time to read them. The lawyer noted that this, apparently, is the involvement of Lunder in corruption, which is accused of Vimpelcom Ltd.

Representatives of the Norwegian Directorate for combating economic crimes (Okokrim) has not been confirmed, nor refuted the fact of arrest.

In a press-service Vimpelcom announced that the company has not commented on the arrest of Lunder and the investigation of the case in Uzbekistan. “Vimpelcom continues to actively cooperate with the authorities. We are fully committed to compliance with legislation is the main priority of the new management team”, – said in Vimpelcom.

Jo Lunder has resigned from his position in April 2015, Instead, the head of VimpelCom Ltd is appointed ex-the head of the French operator SFR Jean-Yves Charlier.

Jo Lunder has headed VimpelCom Ltd in 2011 prior To that he worked in the telecommunication holding Telenor (VimpelCom Ltd shareholder – approx. ed.). In 2000 he headed the Russian business of VimpelCom – VimpelCom (brand “Beeline”), in the period from 2003 to 2005 he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC VimpelCom.

Resignation resignation

Jo Lunder, preferring to abroad his American style was called Joe, spent on a post of the head of Vimpelcom 4 years and left it April 2015 then claimed the Lunder, this fact was not associated with the corruption scandal in Vimpelcom and Telenor, to which he previously worked.

In August 2015 as President Telenor on a holiday gone John Frederick Baksaas, in the beginning of the year otchityvatsya in the Norwegian Parliament about the role the employees of the company, the controlling block of shares belong to the state, could play in the alleged corrupt activities of Vimpelcom. As there was reason to believe that the Norwegian Board members of the holding company could be aware of suspicious payments to Takilant Ltd.

Last week in the resignation of the Chairman of the Board Svein Telenor Auxerre, about the loss of trust which was declared by the Minister of trade and industry Monica Miland. Latest in a series of resignations was due to the fact that the Department got new information about the role of Telenor in corruption case, however, the essence of this information is not disclosed.

It is expected that before Christmas the parliamentary Committee on constitutional matters and parliamentary control can hold another hearing on the matter. Telenor, in turn, hired lawyers from the auditing company Deloitte to conduct an internal investigation. It should be headed by the former head Okokrim, now working at the Norwegian office of Deloitte, Arnt Angell.

“The worst consequences of the proceedings for Telenor is to involve its management to criminal liability. The company can face penalties,” writes the business newspaper “Dagens naringsliv”. The publication explained that the involvement in corruption transactions, even if they are held in another country, is according to Norwegian law a criminal offence.

“Uzbek” case

In March 2014, Vimpelcom disclosed to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) investigation against the company on business operations of Vimpelcom in Uzbekistan. Telenor is also a witness in the case.

In 2015, the U.S. Department of justice went to court in new York’s Manhattan with a request to block the $ 300 million in connection with the investigation of the possible involvement of operators Vimpelcom and MTS to corruption when operating in Uzbekistan. According to the American authorities, joined the investigation, which was initiated in the European Union, the funds in question, could be the result of corruption.

To her, allegedly, could be involved in Vimpelcom and MTS. The United States claimed that Vimpelcom and MTS used a network of shell companies and fictitious contracts for consulting services to provide bribes to close relatives of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in exchange for access to the telecommunications market of the country, then reported Bloomberg. Part of these funds belongs to Takilant.

In the August edition of the Wall Street Journal wrote that the U.S. justice Department asked the Swiss authorities with a request to seize 640 million held in the banks, which “can be related to corrupt activities” of these three companies. The same request came from USA to Sweden, where suspicion fell $ 30 million on one of the accounts in the Bank. In Vimpelcom then announced that know about the appeal of the US authorities on imposition of penalty on the funds of which are associated with the company Takilant.

Telenor and Vimpelcom

Telenor became a shareholder of Russian “VimpelCom” in the late 1990-ies. After the merger of VimpelCom with Ukrainian Kyivstar Telenor received a share in VimpelCom Ltd. Currently Telenor holds 33% of shares and 43% of the votes in Vimpelcom. Telenor Group is a Norwegian telecommunications company, transports about 189 million subscribers.

VimpelCom Ltd, a telecommunications holding company. 47,9% Vimpelcom owned by Altimo, the telecommunications holding “Alfa-group”, 43% – Norwegian Telenor, 9.2% of minority shareholders. Vimpelcom Ltd is one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications operators. Its Russian subsidiary is part of the so-called “big three” mobile operators. Vimpelcom provides services under the brands “Beeline”, Kyivstar, Djuice, Wind, Infostrada, Mobilink, Leo, Banglalink Telecel and.