FIU gave the tax authorities the data on the debt of “Transaero” on contributions

Moscow. On 5 November. Pension Fund of the Russian Federation transmitted to the tax authorities information regarding the debt “Transaero” on insurance premiums, told reporters the head of the FIU Anton Drozdov.

“We have a tax service – the official government representative for bankruptcy, it collects all the claims of all organs and she stands. And our (claims), we all filed in there,” said he.

According to the judicial database, in the case of bankruptcy “Transaero”, initiated at the request of the savings Bank, as third person present management FNS across St.-Petersburg.

As reported by Drozdov the meeting of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Tuesday, the debt of “Transaero” on insurance premiums (including the additional rate on preferential retirement) is about 900 million rubles. “From 1 July Transaero switched to regular debt, got into the file, and from July 1 we will carry out all necessary actions to recover these funds,” he said.

Answering the question about prospects of increased payments of pensions to pilots in connection with debts “Transaero”, Drozdov said: “the Scheme is – how many additional contributions are collected from all companies, so much is distributed to all pensioners. There is involved not only Transaero, therefore, dismissed retired pilots “Transaero” pensions will be paid, the question of size.”

“If Transaero stops paying contributions, it receives less revenues, is distributed to all less. This is if the pilots will not be employed, and the number of jobs that was in “Transaero”, will not switch to another company. If transferred, the new company will pay fees, and drop will be not that big”, he said.