In the Tomsk region for 610 million roubles reconstructed section of the Northern latitudinal corridor

TOMSK, November 6. The Tomsk region has completed reconstruction of 15-km section of the Northern latitudinal road that is part of a transport corridor between Siberia and the Urals along the North road and connects the regional center with two Northern parts of the region. The completion of the work has cost more than 610 million rubles, said on Friday the press service of the regional administration.

“Reconstruction of the road section with a length of 15.4 km completed and handed over to the working Committee. Road Sepulchral Cape – Parabel – Kargasok is the only road connection between the regional center and Kargasokskiy, Parabel districts,” – said the press service.

The road is also part of the Northern latitudinal road by the message Perm – Ivdel – Khanty-Mansiysk – Surgut – Nizhnevartovsk – Tomsk – Mariinsk. This transport corridor is designed to connect the Urals and Siberia on the North road.

Reconstruction on the section from 15 to 30 km began in 2008, but due to the lack of funding for 2008-2011 was restored only 2.8 km of road. Reconstruction resumed in 2013 on behalf of the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin. continue reading. Funding for the remaining portion amounted to 610,5 million rubles from regional and Federal budgets.

“Despite all the economic difficulties, this year we were able to complete the reconstruction of three sites of the Northern latitudinal road running on the territory of Tomsk region. This road North to us – road of life. The entire region will be laid on the 602 km of the Northern latitudinal road. We will work on attracting Federal funds for the construction of the road and try to find money in our budget,” explained acting Deputy Governor on industrial policy Nikolay Glebovich.