Iran imposed a ban on the import of consumer goods from the U.S.

Moscow. On 5 November. The Minister of industry and trade of Iran Mohammed Reza Nematzadeh issued a Directive banning the import of American consumer goods, said on Thursday the Iranian TV channel Press TV.

As the Minister noted, this decision was based on proposals initiated by the Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a letter to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Khamenei stressed in the letter that the implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SITD) on the Iranian nuclear program should lead to the development of the Iranian economy. In particular, according to him, the Iranian government must fulfill a number of objectives, including the strengthening of national producer and the inspection of imports from the United States.

Earlier, the Iranian media reported about the meeting of Khamenei with students on which the Supreme leader said that the United States remains the main enemy of Iran.

SVPD was concluded between Iran and the “six” international mediators (the five permanent UN security Council members and Germany) on 14 July in Vienna. The agreement aims to guarantee the exclusively peaceful character of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for Tehran’s withdrawal from all international and unilateral sanctions.

October 18 SWPD entered into force.