Kogan is sure that the former leadership of “URALSIB” is not part of the assets

Kogan is sure that the former leadership of “URALSIB” is not part of the assets

According to the businessman, the owners of the Bank behave decently.

MOSCOW, 5 Nov.Prime. Businessman Vladimir Kogan, who is chosen by the investor for the financial rehabilitation of the Bank “URALSIB”, I am confident in the integrity of the former management of the Bank and believes that the Bank did not consider any assets.

The Bank of Russia and Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) on Wednesday reported that for the Bank “URALSIB” has adopted a plan of measures to restore its financial situation, involving the transition of at least 75% of the Bank under the control of Kogan. The DIA for the credit of the Central Bank will provide to the Bank under the reorganization 81 billion. Later the Bank said that Kogan has agreed to buy 82% shares of the Bank and the current Bank owner Nikolay Tsvetkov will retain a minority stake.

According to Kogan, the Bank’s owners “behaved very decently and not taken out the money from there”. “They were in a difficult situation, not very well where we gave out loans, but such a theft, we believe there is no,” said Kogan in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”. He noted that in case of detection of theft by the previous government will apply to the Central Bank with a request to capitalize a deal.

But in any case, Kogan is not going to leave the deal on reorganization of the Bank. “Go I will not,” he replied to the question, what will be its action in case of detection of additional problems at the Bank.

“We believe that the initial plan of development of the group “URALSIB” was correct. He had completely divided the businesses that were leasing business separately, was the insurance company separately, was the Bank,” he said.

According to him, the mistake of the management was the fact that leasing and insurance companies were not in time “cut off” from the Bank and “hung” on the balance sheet. Kogan’m sure that’s what caused most of the damage “URALSIB”.