Lavrov: Russia hopes that UNESCO will send a mission to the countries affected by the terrorists

PARIS, November 6. Moscow hopes that UNESCO will send an expert mission to assess the destruction and restoration of cultural property in the areas affected by terrorists. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov following a meeting with UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova.

“According to Ms. Bokova, cultural heritage that is being destroyed by the barbarians and Aleppo, and Palmyra, and many other areas of Syria and Afghanistan – our common heritage”, – he said.

“I am convinced that UNESCO, in accordance with its mandate, as soon as the situation allows in the sphere of security, as soon as these barbarians will be thrown out, sure there will send an expert mission to assess the damage and understand how to restore this priceless heritage of mankind,” said the Minister.

Moscow supports UNESCO’s efforts

Lavrov said that Russia supports UNESCO efforts, including in the issue of combating, through education and culture, the spread of extremism. “I congratulate the 70th anniversary of UNESCO. This is an important milestone in the life of the entire UN system. This humanitarian support the entire system of world architecture, he said. – We fully share the Director-General on the preservation of the ideals, purposes, principles which have been laid in the creation of UNESCO in its Charter documents”.

“Particular attention is paid to multidisciplinary efforts that are aimed at extremism, especially violent, does not prevail in the modern world, said Lavrov. Education plays a huge role, because the illiterate, poor young people is the best environment for recruiters who use this feature actively. The second area is support for interfaith and intercultural dialogue. UNESCO is engaged. In our time, when trying to destroy the foundations of the middle East birthplace of all three major religions, it is important that this issue be given special importance”.

“We can not allow the politicization of these issues”

The Minister also said that the use of culture and science in undercover political games is unacceptable.

“The time is now difficult to care for and preserve the culture and science is especially important, he said. – It is impossible to prevent their use in undercover games, it is impossible to prevent the politicization of these issues”.


The Minister also wished the Side success in the General conference of UNESCO.

In turn, Bokova said that Russia is “a very solid partner” for UNESCO. “In this country there are 56 departments of UNESCO,” she said.

Bokova also recalled that thanks to the actions of Russia in the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2199 which is aimed at preventing the financing of extremists in the middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq. “For us it is very valuable support, she said. – Terrorism and extremism must be fought together.”

The organization’s General Manager also confirmed that in December will arrive at the international cultural forum in Saint-Petersburg and will take an active part in it. “All it proves is that between UNESCO and Russia established very close and fruitful relationship”, she concluded.

The Russian Minister on Friday to speak at the General debate of the 38th session of the UNESCO General conference. Then Lavrov will travel to Paris to participate in the meeting, “Norman Quartet” (Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany).