Lavrov will speak at the General conference of UNESCO in Paris

PARIS, November 6. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on Friday will speak at the General debate of the 38th session of the UNESCO General conference in Paris.

The conference was attended by representatives of 195 countries. As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry, this year UNESCO celebrates its 70th anniversary, so events are commemorative in nature.


In the course of participation in the forum, Lavrov will also meet with UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova.

In the agenda of the session is, in particular, the complex issues related to the protection of cultural heritage during armed conflicts. In this context, recently acquired special urgency the question of the fate of Syrian antiquities of Palmyra, which remains under the control of militants is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Among other topical issues of the session – the possible accession of Kosovo to the world organization. The initiative previously recommended consideration of the Executive Committee of UNESCO. Serbia is opposed. Final decision the meeting will take by voting in the coming days.

In recent days, in the interaction between Russia and UNESCO has another topic: laid on Borovitskaya square, the monument to Prince Vladimir falls in the buffer zone of the UNESCO world heritage site “the Moscow Kremlin and Red square”. The application for the installation of the monument has already been transferred to an international organization, and the Russian foreign Ministry hopes that it will be a positive response.

The forum, which runs until November 18 to discuss the implementation of the programs “Education-2030”, “Man and biosphere”, a new version of the international Charter of physical education and sport, UNESCO’s work on sustainable development goals after 2015, the regulation of the Internet, ensuring the safety of journalists.

Delegates will have to solve a number of organizational issues, including to approve the draft budget of the organization and to hold elections to its governing bodies. Russia has put forward its candidature to the Executive Board of UNESCO, international coordinating Council of program “Man and biosphere”, the intergovernmental Council of the programme “Management of social transformations” and a number of other structures.

After the speech, Lavrov will fly to Berlin to participate in the Ministerial meeting “channel four” in Ukraine.