Patterns Kerimov on December 17, compulsorily redeem the shares of Polyus Gold minority shareholders

Moscow. On 6 November. Wandle Holdings Limited and its subsidiary intend Sacturino Limited 17 December to forcibly redeem the shares of Polyus Gold shareholders who do not accept the voluntary offer, the report said Sacturino on the LSE.

On Wednesday it became known that holders 58,79% stake in Polyus Gold has agreed to accept the offer. It is 98,35% not owned by Wandle and Sacturino papers and along with their share is 99,02% of the share capital miner. The remaining shareholders can accept the offer until 17 November (officially the offer was valid until 3 November).

Beneficiaries Sacturino – Suleiman Kerimov established the Suleyman Kerimov Foundation Fund, and also the son of Senator Saeed Kerimov (and Kerimov Jr. currently has a peremptory right of destination management, Directors and business management Wandle Holdings).