Representatives of Boeing will discuss with officials of the Russian Federation to suspend the certificate Boeing 737

NEW YORK, November 5. /Corr. Ivan Sawyers/. The Boeing company will discuss with representatives of the Russian authorities suspension of certificate all Boeing 737 in Russia. This is stated in received on Thursday Corr. statement of the American company.

“Boeing will meet with Russian officials to understand what they are concerned”, – stated in it. When it is planned to hold this meeting, not specified.

On Thursday it became known that the interstate aviation Committee (IAC) has suspended the certificate of a Boeing 737 in Russia until receipt of a joint notice to the Federal air transport Agency and Service certification of type of aircraft of the USA (FAA) airworthiness of the aircraft. This is stated in the letter from the POPPY heads of departments of the Russian Federation and the United States, posted on the organization’s website.

In the letter, signed by the Chairman of Aviation register of the Vladimir Bespalov, States that the POPPY twice in 2015 received letters from the Russian aviation authorities about the urgent need to rework the steering system the height of a Boeing 737. The Federal air transport Agency for more than a year he was in correspondence with the relevant office of the United States.

This type of vessels is one of the most exploited Russian airlines.