Rosaviatsia: certificates of airworthiness in Russia has 194 Boeing 737

Rosaviatsia: certificates of airworthiness in Russia has 194 Boeing 737

The Federal air transport Agency issued six certificates for UK registered aircraft, the others only confirmed.

MOSCOW, 5 Nov. Certificates of airworthiness in Russia and, accordingly, the right to carry out commercial passenger transportation in Russia have 194 aircraft Boeing 737, according to the data of Federal air transport Agency.

Of these, only 6 certificates registered in the Russian Federation the aircraft is directly issued by the Federal air transport Agency, the others only confirmed.

The remaining aircraft are registered in Bermuda (147 aircraft, certificates Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and Ireland (41 aircraft, the Irish Aviation Authority certificates), the certificates of airworthiness of the aviation authorities validated.

The interstate aviation Committee (IAC) on Thursday announced that it has suspended a Russian type certificate on the Boeing 737. The head of Rosaviatsiya Alexander Neradko said the newspaper “Vedomosti” that prohibit flights of the Boeing 737 in Russia can only the Federal authorities, it has not accepted.

In a letter posted on the website of the MAC, noted that “aviaregistr MAC as an authorized…. the body in the field of regulation of the airworthiness and type certification/validation is forced to suspend action in Russia all issued to them at the validation of type certificates for aircraft Boeing 737 until receipt of joint notice to the Federal air transport Agency and the U.S. FAA that in service the Boeing 737 are in the state, ensuring their safe use”.

According to the document, we are talking about the need of improvements for safety of the steering system the height of a Boeing 737. The Federal air transport Agency said that before taking any action on the document waiting for confirmation of its authenticity by representatives MACK, are invited to the meeting on Friday.