Rosaviatsia: MAC can not stop the operation of the Boeing 737 Russian airlines

MOSCOW, November 5. The interstate aviation Committee (IAC) can not stop the operation of the Boeing 737 Russian airlines. About it reported in a press-service of Rosaviatsiya.

“In its decision on the revocation of the certificate on the Boeing 737 MAC can not stop the operation of the aircraft to Russian airlines. Ban on flights of a particular aircraft type can only be entered on a specially authorized Federal body of Executive power which has not accepted”, – noted in press service.

Guide MAC not contacted to explain the reasons for the suspension of the certificate Boeing 737, also said the Federal air transport Agency.

“The leadership and POPPY Aviation register of the MAC does not communicate with the Federal air transport Agency to explain the reasons for the adoption of such measures. Given the seriousness of the contents of this letter (on the suspension of the certificate Boeing 737 – approx. amended), the Federal air transport Agency November 6, holds a meeting on the current situation with airline explosante Boeing 737, also invited the leaders of IAC and the IAC,” – said the representative office.

The decision to suspend flights of the Boeing 737 will be taken by the aviation authorities, not MAC, but this is unlikely to happen, said the President of the Association of air transport operators (air transport operators Association), whose membership includes 19 of the leading airlines in Russia that provide over 80% of the volume of traffic in the country, Vladimir Tasun.

“To stop flying Boeing 737 airlines will be required only after receiving an official letter from the Russian aviation authorities. MAC, though, and suspended the certificate, the formal relationship to the aircraft of this type has not. The Boeing 737 are in Irish and the Bermuda registry, the Russian state was not responsible for them from the point of view of airworthiness. As far as MAC claims is justified, tomorrow will decide Rosaviation and Ministry of transport. But it’s not easy to stop more than 200 aircraft,” he said.

American aircraft production Boeing 737 are not in the Russian register, which means the suspension of a certificate, the IAC will not affect the continued operation of airplanes in Russian airlines, I’m sure Tsun.

Suspension of certificate

On Thursday it became known that MAC has suspended the certificate of a Boeing 737 in Russia until receipt of a joint notice to the Federal air transport Agency and Service certification of type of aircraft of the USA (FAA) airworthiness of the aircraft. This is stated in the letter from the POPPY heads of departments of the Russian Federation and the United States, posted on the organization’s website. In a letter to MAC signed by the Chairman of Aviation register of the Vladimir Bespalov, States that the POPPY twice in 2015 received letters from the Russian aviation authorities about the urgent need to rework the steering system the height of a Boeing 737. The Federal air transport Agency for more than a year he was in correspondence with the relevant office of the United States.

“We are not aware of making any joint decisions on the above urgent improvements as a result of this correspondence,” – said in the letter. Aviation register of the MAC sent in the corresponding request FAA in October 2015, however in response, FAA USA received 27 October 2015, concluded that the Boeing 737, part of the failsafe system of the Elevator control, is in the state, ensuring their safe use.

The MAC supported the transfer of all a Russian-operated aircraft in the state register of the Russian Federation. “Please note that over 95% of all foreign aircraft in the Russian Federation, which is more than 85% of the total passenger traffic (including JSC “Aeroflot – Russian airlines”/, and are registered in the registers of foreign States), Ireland, Bermuda, Aruba,” – noted in the POPPY.

The plane a-321 of airline “Kogalymavia” that crashed in Egypt on 31 October, was registered in Ireland.

MAC, established in 1991, is the collective body of 11 States of the former USSR with the authority to regulate the use of airspace. The organization provides certification of aircraft and incident investigation in air transport. Heads the POPPY Tatyana Anodina.-