Ryazan Governor has banned ministries to buy office equipment and machines

RYAZAN, on 5 November. Governor of the Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev has translated the regional government in austerity. With 2016 in the framework of the reduction of the costs of the authorities in the regional ministries and agencies will refuse to buy office equipment and vehicles, and all procurement will be undertaken centrally.

“Are reduction of expenses on the maintenance of government. 2016 will be very hard in this regard. We envisage that we will not buy unless absolutely necessary, no computers, no automobiles, no office equipment. That is, we can do in a year what you have”, – explained to journalists the head of the region.

In addition, the Ryazan region to save on procurement. “We create the center, which centralizes major procurement previously conducted by the relevant structural units of ministries and agencies. There will be a small number of people who will efficiently carry out procurement,” – said Kovalev.

According to the Governor, the centralization of public procurement will give the budget a significant savings in wholesale prices on large quantities of goods, e.g. medicines and cleaning products for schools. In addition, so the Governor is going to fight corruption in procurement and release about 25% of the employees of the regional agencies that were previously engaged in the bidding.