Sands: the Kremlin informed decision MAK about the suspension of Boeing 737 in Russia

MOSCOW, November 5. In the Kremlin in the course of the decision of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) to suspend operation of the Boeing 737 in Russia and believe that the government will conduct the necessary analysis of the situation. About it has informed journalists a press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

“Of course, will require a very rapid and deep analysis of the situation in domestic aviation. And in this case, surely, the relevant authority – Ministry of transport, the government required the analysis done, there is no doubt can’t be”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

He explained that to date this situation from media reports. “In this case we observe the Kremlin also announced the decision”, – added Sands.

Previously, the MAC said in his letter of suspension of certificate all Boeing 737 in Russia until receipt of a joint notice to the Federal air transport Agency and Service certification of type of aircraft U.S. airworthiness of the aircraft.

In a letter to MAC signed by the Chairman of Aviation register of the Vladimir Bespalov, also says that the Federal air transport Agency over the years was in correspondence with the appropriate authority of the United States over the term improvements of the steering system the height of a Boeing 737.

This type of vessels is one of the most exploited Russian airlines. In particular, these ships had joined the fleet of Transaero.