Shares of the Bank “URALSIB” have soared by almost 40%

Moscow. On 6 November. Shares of the Bank “URALSIB” on Friday morning continued its rally, having flied up almost on 40% (the limit of the daily price change on the stock exchange) on the news that control of the Bank under the reorganization will go to the businessman Vladimir Kogan.

On the Moscow stock exchange the shares of URALSIB 10:08 MSK rose to 0,1181 ruble (+38,9%).

On the eve of the papers of URALSIB soared 152%. Exchange twice in one day raised the upper boundary of the trading corridor for these securities first to 0.07 ruble, then to 0.1 ruble per share due to excessive demand.

The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia on Tuesday took a decision on reorganization of the Bank “URALSIB”. Investor Bank is a St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Kogan, who purchased 82% of the Bank “URALSIB” Nikolay Tsvetkov.

Fame Cohen purchased as co-owner of industry and construction Bank St. Petersburg (in 2004, was sold to VTB) and the head of “Banking house “St.-Petersburg”.