Southkorea proposed prohibiting government purchases of imported brandy

Moscow. On 5 November. Russian Union of cognac producers (Southkorea) proposes to prohibit state procurement of imported brandy.

According to a letter addressed to the Ministry of agriculture, seen by Interfax, the Union is preparing a proposal to include brandy in the list of restricting procurement of imported products.

The Chairman of the Union Valery Parfenov believes that domestic brandy has proven its viability and competitiveness. The inclusion in the list of the Ministry of agriculture will be responsible of the position of the Ministry on the development of import substitution in this segment of alcoholic beverages and will be an important support for the Russian companies producing quality product, he said.

The members of the Union declare that they support the steps of the Ministry by establishing a domestic base of raw materials as the basis for development of import substitution and is ready to create its own funds additional production capacity for the endurance of young cognac distillate.

According to the Center for research and Federal alcohol markets of alcohol (tsifrra), for the first 9 months of this year production of brandy in Russia amounted to almost 5.4 million decaliters (dal), imports for the same period – 504,3 thousand dal.

As reported, the agriculture Ministry has prepared a draft decree, proposing to limit state and municipal procurement of imported food, analogues of which are produced in the country. First of all, we are talking about fish products, meat (beef, pork, poultry, veal, pork) and dairy products (milk, butter, cheeses). In addition, the list includes rice, salt and sugar.

The Ministry believes that this measure will increase the market for domestic products.

Currently the draft decree is being finalized in the Ministry of economic development and FAS.

Union of producers of cognac was created this year.