“Support of Russia”: small businesses can go into the shadows after rising in 2016 single tax

MOSCOW, November 5. Increasing the unified tax on imputed income for small businesses in 2016 may cause the care entrepreneurs in the shadow. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the head of the Commission of “OPORA Russia” in retail, non-stationary and fair trade Vladlen Maksimov.

Previously, the Ministry prepared a draft order that provides for the introduction in 2016 of the coefficient of the price deflator in the Single tax on imputed income (UTII) for certain types of activities in the amount of 2,083, which is 15.9% higher than in the current year (1,798). Such measures are related to changes in the rate of inflation, explained to the MAYOR.

Unified tax on imputed income – tax system, which is used for certain types of business activity, including retail. It involves the imposition of a tax not actually received the income and imputed, that is potentially possible.

“The crisis is a strange time to bring up such issues”

“Such initiatives can cause an outflow of entrepreneurs or their escape into the shadows. A similar situation was observed with the increase of social payments. Then took more than 500 thousand participants small business. The crisis is a strange time to bring up such issues”, – said Maksimov.

He also noted that the Ministry of economic development on many issues demonstrates the unfair position in relation to small business.

“There are other examples, such episodes only for 2015 was two or three. The Ministry made such offers, which were not in the interests of business, or block the initiatives of entrepreneurs”, – said the representative of “OPORA Russia”.

“Not the first bad news”

Increasing the imputed income will lead to negative consequences for small businesses, in turn, indicated to the Commissioner under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov, commenting on the initiative of the Ministry of economic development.

“The increase in UTII – not the first bad news for business recently. In recent times we have increased the burden on business. For example, there was the estate tax, which affects, in particular, and small businesses. And for the Moscow businessmen entered and the sales tax,” says Titov.

The business Ombudsman is convinced that the increase in the imputed income will lead to negative business consequences. “I hope not /negative consequences/, as when increased social payments for individual entrepreneurs. Then we have more than half a million individual entrepreneurs have simply gone out of business,” he recalled.

According to Titov, it is difficult to predict what proportion of entrepreneurs decide to abandon the business. He drew attention to the fact that entrepreneurs are already in difficult conditions due to the fact that there is a decrease in demand in the domestic market. “In this situation, we run the risk of being just business”, – said Titov. He recalled that the President in his address spoke about the need to impose a moratorium on tax increases for business. “Now, unfortunately, the opposite is true,” said Titov.

“The impact will be very serious”

The effect of increasing the single tax for small businesses will be very serious and will lead to a substantial outflow of entrepreneurs, said the co-chair of the all-Russian public organization “Business Russia” Alexey Repik.

“The situation is unpleasant for us and the impact will be very serious. Now with just over 2 million businesses and the number of enterprises that will not be able to live in such a significant increase in the imputed income, will be in the thousands. Double-digit increase seems to us to be clearly dangerous in such a sensitive segment,” – said Repik.

The interlocutor of Agency has noted, that understands the reasons of tax increase – 56.6 billion rubles, which was paid by the payer UTII, became the main source of replenishment of municipal budgets. Thus Repik is confident that the proposed factor is too restrictive and harsh towards those businesses that have not yet stood on his feet.

Co-Chairman of “Business Russia” has informed that at the moment public organization negotiates its position and, most likely, will ask the Ministry of economic development is to tie the indexation of the single tax key rate of the Central Bank. “We understand that it is necessary to solve the problem of revenue shortfalls of the municipalities. I think we have a lot of opportunities and less painful than trying to close the deficit at the expense of those who can’t afford it”, – said Repik.