The reaction of the politicians of the Russian Federation: the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo to the collapse of the A321 has hurt the image of France

MOSCOW, November 6. The cartoons of Charlie Hebdo at the wreckage of the Russian passenger aircraft A321 in Egypt would deal a blow to the image of France and of all Europe, says the head of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov (United Russia).

“In this case the journalists of Charlie Hebdo did a dance in memory of those who perished in this terrible disaster. I think the cartoons will hurt the image of France as a nation and the image of Europe, where such things are possible”, – quotes the Deputy on the website of “United Russia”.

According to Nikonov, he can’t imagine that someone in Russia could mock the victims of plane crashes. “This act goes beyond any limits of decency, for any framework of concepts of humanity and decency. I think with the cartoons, the magazine has deprived itself of people who sympathized with him in Russia and, I think, far beyond its borders”, – he concluded.

The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev considers immoral caricatures of the French magazine. About it the Senator wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

“The cartoons of Charlie Hebdoe is nothing more than yet another example of consistent immorality in the shameless self-promotion and making money from others ‘misfortunes and tragedies”, he said.
According to the MP, “it is impossible to try to expand the boundaries, breaking limits, which is an unacceptable indifference to moral values, indifference to human suffering and outright journalistic rudeness”. The Senator also stressed that he is “definitely not Charlie Hebdo” and never was”.

“Although grieved along with everyone else, when trouble strikes at the editorial office”, – he added.

The content of the cartoons

In the latest issue of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, known for its provocative publications, the topic of the crash “Kogalymavia”, which claimed the lives of 224 people, a play in two drawings. The first image in the center of the black-and – white composition-the figure of a bearded man in Bedouin dress and with a gun on his back. The character has a scared expression on his face, he ducked, holding his hands behind his head. On top of him falling wreckage – the engine, chassis, pieces of the fuselage. Among the flying objects and figure of one of the passengers. Islamic state: Russia intensifies bombing,” according to a signature.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo

In January 2015, two French people of Arab origin attacked the Paris editorial office of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, which published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. As a result of the tragedy killed 12 people – ten journalists and two guarding the building of the police, another 11 people were injured. The attackers were announced in a nationwide search, January 9, were found in 60 km North of Paris and destroyed as a result of a special operation.

The second cartoon made in color titled “the Dangers of Russian low-costs”. On a yellow background – a large human skull with white eyes. He is wearing dark sunglasses, broken in half and exposing the right eye. In the background are painted a few remains of human bodies, a pool of blood and the background is everything – the skeleton of the burning plane. “I had to fly Air Cocane, – is spoken in the replica “out of the mouth of the skull”. In this case, the cartoonists play with the theme of the major scandal that erupted in France last week in connection with drug trafficking.