The U.S. Department of state: the construction of “Nord stream-2” will deprive Ukraine of $2 billion a year

PRAGUE, 6 November. The construction of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” will deprive Ukraine of the annual income of more than $2 billion from the transit of Russian gas. This was stated on Thursday, speaking at a conference in Bratislava, Deputy assistant Secretary of state for energy diplomacy Robin Dunnigan.

“You have to wonder why you with one hand help Ukraine and the other strangling her,” said the representative of the U.S. state Department, addressing the representatives of the countries of Europe.

In her view, after the introduction into operation of the “Nord stream-2” Russia can stop gas exports through Ukraine. “Complete cessation of Russian gas transit via Ukraine will be deprived of its annual revenue of $2.2 billion,” said Robin Dunnigan.

She expressed concern that the construction of this pipeline, in its opinion, will increase the EU’s dependence on energy supplies from Russia.

“In fact, Nord stream-2″ is not only a threat to the viability of the Ukraine and its resources, but also creates a risk for the diversification of fuel sources for Europe, especially Southeast Europe,” she said.

4 September 2015, Gazprom, BASF, E. ON, ENGIE, Shell and OMV signed the shareholders agreement for the establishment of the gas pipeline system “Northern stream-2”. Throughput of the pipeline will be 55 billion cubic meters per year. Gas will be supplied through the Baltic sea directly to Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark and other countries bypassing Ukraine. Thus, the strategic energy flows bypassed Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.