Toyota refused to pump for the airbags company Takata

Moscow. On 6 November. Toyota Motor Corp. following Honda Motor Co. abandoned the use of automotive components manufactured by Takata Corp., reports Bloomberg.

“Pumps for airbags that use ammonium nitrate that Takata is producing, will no longer apply to Toyota, said Toyota President Akio Toyoda. – The most important thing for us is the safety and security of our customers.”

Takata shares at auction in Tokyo on Friday has fallen in price on 6,2%, in the last three sessions of paper fell by a record 39%.

Earlier this week, Honda Motor Co. has announced that it will stop the use of pumps manufactured by Takata for airbags in new models of their cars, and also accused the company of manipulating the results of testing equipment.

Toyota and Honda are leaders in the number of cars recalled due to a malfunction of the parts for the airbags, released by Takata. In total, the Takata defective product caused the recall of some 19 million vehicles from various manufacturers in the USA.

Another Japanese automaker, Mazda Motor Corp. on Thursday announced that it will not use Takata-produced components in the manufacture of its cars. Fiji Heavy Industries Ltd., produces Subaru cars and carmaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp. also consider the possibility of non-cooperation with Takata.

According to the newspaper Nikkei, plans to eliminate the use of pumps to Takata airbags in new models of automobiles and Nissan Motor Co.

A division of Takata, which manufactures components for airbags, is the largest of the company’s business. In the past financial year ending in March 2015, this division accounted for 38% of revenue Takata, amounting to a total of 642,8 billion yen ($5.3 billion).

Under the agreement between Takata and the National authority for road safety USA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA), concluded on 3 November, the company admitted that has notified the regulator in a timely manner about the cases of malfunction of its products.

NHTSA also said that Takata had provided “selective, incomplete and inaccurate information” as the regulator, and its customers.

Takata will pay a fine in the amount of $70 million under the agreement. The amount of the fine can reach $200 million if the company does not fulfill certain obligations.