Wheat exports for the first 9 months decreased by 14.5%

Wheat exports for the first 9 months decreased by 14.5%

Most of the grain, 92.5% of the total, was exported to foreign countries, it follows from the Federal customs service of Russia.

MOSCOW, 6 Nov. Russia in January-September of current year has reduced the export of wheat and meslin by 14.5% compared to the same period of the previous year — up to of 13.32 million tons, follows from the materials of the Federal customs service (FCS) of the Russian Federation.

The vast majority of the grain — 12,322 million tons (92.5% of the total) was exported to foreign countries. In comparison with January-September last year, exports to the far abroad decreased by 17.2%. In the CIS countries were delivered to 998 thousand tons of wheat, which is higher than the previous year by 41.9 percent.

In monetary terms the total supply of wheat abroad decreased for the nine months 34.4%, amounting to 2,557 billion. The wheat export to the far abroad has decreased in dollar terms by 36.8% to 2.36 billion, to CIS countries — on the contrary, grew by 21.9%, to $ 197,8 million dollars.

At the same time the Russian import of wheat in January-September declined 2.5% to 132 thousand tonnes at $ 33 million. Imports of barley fell 8.8% to 18.8 thousand tonnes (3.1 million dollars), import of corn — 1.4 times, to 29.7 thousand tons (98,3 million dollars).

Russia to stabilize the situation on the domestic grain market from the 1st of February introduced an export duty on wheat. The first version of the formula is bound to the Euro exchange rate was valid until may 15, after which it was cancelled. From 1 July we introduced a new formula is duty — bound to ruble prices for grain, however in September has been changed and it. From 1 October the export duty on wheat is 50% of the customs value minus 6,5 thousand rubles per ton, but not less than 10 rubles per 1 ton.

According to the forecast of the agriculture Ministry, the grain harvest in Russia this year in net weight may reach 100 and 101 million tons. The potential of grain exports is estimated at 30 million tons.