A restaurant under the brand name of KFC one day existed in the West of Tehran

TEHRAN, 7 November. /Corr. Alexander Levchenko/. Only one day was left open a fast food restaurant under the brand KFС in the West of Tehran. Promptly arrived at the scene the police shut the school under the pretext that restaurateurs “illegally used the logo of the world famous American brand”.

The restaurant “КFС-Halal” was represented on your site in the Internet as the Iranian branch of the American network of fast food restaurants КFС – told the TV channel Press TV. – However, opened, worked, actually, and day.”

Iranian media cite in this regard the statements of the President of the Guild of restaurateurs of Iran Ali Fazeli that “the authorities closed the restaurant “KFC-Halal” was legally registered in Iran and quite legitimately at the expense of local entrepreneurs.” But that’s nothing to do with the American brand he had. However, stresses the channel, it did not prevent the owners to use in advertising, world famous logo, consisting of the abbreviation of “Kentucky fried chicken” and a stylized portrait of the old man-the founder of a chain of eateries. There is no doubt that this was done in order to attract as many visitors as possible and to ensure high sales. Most likely, marks the channel, would-be restaurateurs felt that after the signing of the Iran agreements with the countries of “six” (five permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany) concerning Iran’s nuclear program, promising quick lifting of economic sanctions, hardly anyone of tegernau puzzling question, where in the capital American eatery.

“Such use of a trademark and recognizable logos is a clear violation of the law,” added Ali Fazeli. Moreover, he stressed that Iran has no intentions to issue licenses for activities in the country of any American companies “fast food”.

By the way, the representatives of KFC, according to Iranian media, also made a statement that their company has no plans to resume its activities in Iran, even after economic sanctions against Tehran will be lifted.

Not long ago, the case of the closure of the Iranian restaurant, whose leadership tried, was, to use the American trademark to attract visitors, most likely, would not have got beyond the police reports. But now it is an ordinary case that has attracted public attention with the recent political decision of the authorities to ban the import of American consumer goods.

So, the Minister of industry, mines and trade Mohammad Reza Nematzade issued a Directive, according to which in Iran a ban on the import of consumer goods from the United States. In addition, the order prohibits to put in retail establishments across the country, American goods, or even mention them.

Advertisement for an American restaurant offering Iranian visitors to sample fried chicken in Kentucky, all fall under this prohibition. The rule must be observed even if the school absolutely illegally used on billboards, from which the visitors looked the КFС founder Colonel Harland Sanders. So, would – be entrepreneurs have suffered twice.