China lifted restrictions on IPO

Moscow. On 6 November. China has removed the restrictions on the initial public offering of shares, which were one of the most important measures to support the stock market in recent months, reports Bloomberg.

In fact, the IPO will be resumed after improvement of the system of listing, said the press-Secretary of the Chinese Commission on regulation of securities market (CSRC) Dan Feh at a press briefing on Friday.

The Minister says that trades 10 companies have been approved, you can expect them in the next two weeks. By the end of the year securities in the open market will place another 18 companies.

The regulators intend to amend the rules of payment IPO and the approval of the transactions by state agencies.

Beijing has frozen the IPO in July. Elimination of these measures perceived by analysts as a signal of confidence in the authorities, the stock market has got stronger. However, investors fear that the appearance on the stock exchanges of new “chips” will divert capital from already registered companies.

Earlier this week, the Shanghai Composite stock index has moved to “bullish” trend, adding more than 20% since the last minimum.