Lavrov: Minsk agreement will continue to apply until they are fully implemented

BERLIN, November 6. The Minsk agreement continue to apply until you have been fully implemented, said the Russian Minister. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov following Ministerial meeting “channel four”, noting that the discussion was useful and concrete.

“No one doubts that the Minsk agreements continue to remain valid until their complete fulfillment, he said. – For example the fact that Ukraine should develop the text of the law on elections in the Donbas and the fact that since its adoption, Ukraine needs 90 days for their conduct, make clear the fact that the end of the year we will not have time to do, and “Minsk-2″ will be transferred to the next year.”

Lavrov said that progress, according to the Minsk agreements, political reform in Ukraine has been given a lot of attention even at the last meeting of leaders “channel four” in Paris.

It is primarily concerned with just the law on local elections in the Donbass, Amnesty, local reform, which defines a special status of the region.

“All these aspects are in strict accordance with the “Minsk-2″ on 12 February this year, we will send signals to all of these aspects of the settlement were on the agenda and implemented,” said Lavrov.


On 12 February the negotiators of the contact group in Minsk signed the previously agreed with the heads of the participating countries “channel four” document, providing for a ceasefire in the Donbass February 15. The negotiations “Norman Quartet” consisting of the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and France, as well as the German Chancellor continued in Minsk in various formats (in the narrow format with participation of members of delegations) from the evening of 11 February, a total of about 16 hours.

On the humanitarian situation in the Donbass

The humanitarian situation in Donbass is not improving, it was stated at the meeting “channel four”.

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“Removed the issue of the humanitarian situation in the Donbass region, of particular importance is the continuing blockade, the Minister said. – Very few checkpoints (works), which reduces the capacity of social services”.

According to Lavrov, “in a dire humanitarian situation, all of this follows the report of the Commissioner of Europe for human rights, which lists the problems created by the Ukrainian authorities”.The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in this connection also called the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s Republic to cooperate with international humanitarian organizations.

“There is General agreement that humanitarian organizations who are ready to work in the Donbass, will be given the opportunity to receive, – said Lavrov. – Urge the authorities DND and LNR continue to negotiate with the organizations of the UN system in the humanitarian sphere, with non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to the population, to agree in what format the work may go on.”

About the diversion of arms

Lavrov also said that the Ministers “channel four” ask the contact group to coordinate the schedule of withdrawal of heavy weapons following the light.

“Special attention was paid to the situation in the security sphere, – the Minister noted. – Noted with satisfaction that the implementation of measures for the diversion of light weapons up to a caliber of 100 mm and below and tanks are conducted in accordance with the schedule”.

“This process should be completed 12th of November, – said Lavrov. And the Ministers “channel four” have sent a collective message to all participants in this process, so these terms were kept”.

“Secondly, we agreed that successfully apply the scheme of withdrawal of heavy weapons with a caliber less than 100 mm can be perfectly applied to heavier weapons, larger caliber, – said the Minister. We asked the contact group to consider this possibility and as soon as possible to agree on such a schedule and for more heavy weapons”.

According to Lavrov, the situation not only complicates life in the Donbas, “but also complicates the situation for demining, especially in the winter”.
September 29, on the negotiations of the contact group on the peaceful settlement in Minsk signed a Supplement to the measures on implementation of the Minsk agreements dated 12 February 2015 concerning the withdrawal of tanks and artillery guns with a caliber of 100 mm and mortars up to calibre 120 mm (inclusive). Their withdrawal should be completed by 12 November.

The Russian Federation actively supports the OSCE special monitoring mission

The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov hopes that the escalation of violence in the Donbass will be stopped.

“There is a certain escalation of the situation in the security sphere, have been recorded of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE shelling from both sides, violations, again from both parties, liabilities for the removal of the weapons”, he said.

“We actively support the OSCE special monitoring mission in that it continued to perform its functions, prevent some violations that take place, – said Lavrov. – I really hope that the escalation will be stopped”.

The Russian Minister also indicated that the reports of the OSCE SMM was not excluded that the outbreak of violence can be related to the desire of the nationalists to send a signal to the government, “including in connection with the arrest of well-known figure of Mr. Korban, who tries to defend “the Right sector” (banned in Russia as extremist organization) and those who stand behind him”.