The head of Boeing in Russia, commented on the decision of the IAC on the B737 aircraft

Moscow. On 6 November. Aviation authorities of the Russian Federation will make the decision about operation in the country aircraft Boeing 737 only proceeding from interests of safety of passengers and efficiency of the airline, said the President of Boeing in Russia and the CIS Sergey Kravchenko.

“As for the questions, which can be due to specific technical problems: we always work closely with the aviation authorities of Russia, I personally have 20 years working with the Federal aviation administration. I am absolutely convinced that the leaders of this service and the Ministry of transport quickly and professionally take the necessary decisions to be taken only in the interests of the safety of our passengers and efficiency of our airline”, – said a top Manager of the TV channel “Russia 24” on Friday.

While Kravchenko is convinced that the Boeing 737 is one of the safest types of aircraft. “Every minute in the sky is 2 thousand aircraft, about a quarter of all world passengers flying on the 737-x aircraft. This is the safest type of airplanes in civil aviation, one of the most popular, and, of course, these planes play an important role in the efficient functioning of the aviation industry of Russia”, – said a top Manager.

According to him, now in operation around the world 6.5 thousand vessels Boeing737, from them in Russia – 150 aircraft, 230 – 39 airlines in the CIS. This aircraft is one of the main aircraft in Russia.

On the eve of the MAC withdrew the type certificate to a modification of the Boeing 737 (Classic and NG), operated by the Russian carriers. The email notification was sent to the Federal air transport Agency. They reported that on Friday, the Agency will hold a meeting on this issue with the participation of airline operators of Boeing 737, the Chairman the POPPY Tatyana unodinoi and the Chairman of Aviation register of IAC, says Vladimir Bespalov.

“We plan to meet today with the heads of Federal aviation service of Russia, I hope the meeting will be representatives of the MAC. Will carefully listen to your questions and will do our best to ensure that any doubts and questions related to aircraft production were lifted,” he said in that regard in the air of “Russia 24” Kravchenko. “We will carefully listen to your questions and will do our best to cooperation with Russian aviation authorities led as quickly as possible to resolve this situation,” he added.