The head of “Memorial” called the strike to pay a membership organization to the “registry of imagenow”

MOSCOW, November 6. The head of the international historical-educational society “memorial” Arseny Roginsky called a huge blow to the introduction, scientific information center “memorial” in the registry of NCOs – “foreign agents”.

“This is a huge blow for all those involved in the memory of the victims of Soviet terror. Scientific information center “Memorial” is one of the most effective public organizations, to address this issue,” said Roginsky. According to him, the center has assembled a unique database with a list of the burial places of victims of political repressions. “Such a list no state or public organizations”, – said Roginsky. He also said that scientific information center “memorial” opened the now world famous sites of mass graves of victims of Soviet terror in Sandarmokh in Karelia and in the Kovalevsky forest outside St Petersburg.

The head of “Memorial” expressed surprise at the decision, because, as he says, the justice Department has previously provided the organization two weeks “on the refutation of the inspection report”. “The act of checking the research center has received literally the day before, and devoted two weeks had not yet expired,” said Roginsky. He stressed that the decision of justice will certainly be challenged in the courts.

The Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation on Friday included a list of NGOs – “foreign agents” a membership organization of the international “Memorial” – a regional public institution research and information centre “memorial”. “The fact of compliance of the organization to non-profit organizations performing functions of a foreign agent that is installed during the Main Directorate of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation across St.-Petersburg scheduled field inspection”, – stated in the message of the Ministry. SIC “memorial” became the fourth member organization of the international society “memorial”, introduced by the Ministry of justice in the registry of NCOs-“imagenow”. Earlier in the list includes the regional office of public organization “Committee on protection of human rights “memorial” in the Komi Republic, interregional public organization Informational-educational center “memorial” inter-regional public organization human Rights centre “memorial”.

Scientific information center “memorial” was created for political prisoners of the 1960s, Veniamin Iofe as a center for scientific support of work history and archives Committee of the society “memorial”, stated on the organization’s website. SIC “memorial” was officially registered in 1991. Today it includes an archive, library, discussion and exhibition space, the virtual Museum of the Gulag. Also the organization is involved in educational and publishing projects, holds readings and other events.