The President of the Russian Federation agreed with the proposal to suspend air communication with Egypt

MOSCOW, November 6. The story of the disaster of the A321 companies “Kogalymavia”, which killed 224 people, has received new continuation: the President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov to temporarily suspend air service to Egypt. Rosturizm announced the establishment of a special headquarters for the organization of export of the Russian citizens in Egypt on vacation.

Earlier on the termination of flights to the airport of Sharm El Sheikh has announced the UK and some other European States. In addition, European tourists are recommended to refrain from trips to this Egyptian resort. This decision is due to suspicions about the cause of the crash of the Russian airliner could become a terrorist act.

The suspension of air links with Egypt. Chronicle of events

Refrain to determine the causes

The proposal to suspend flights with Egypt the head of the FSB made at an extraordinary meeting of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC). It was convened at the footsteps of the collapse of the liner A321 to develop additional measures of air traffic safety.

“Until we do not define the real causes of the incident, I consider it expedient to suspend the flights of Russian aviation in Egypt, this applies primarily to the travel channel,” – said Bortnikov.

He also noted the necessity of active interaction with the Egyptian authorities “to continue joint work on the investigation”.

“We need to get absolutely objective and validated data on the causes of the disaster. It is also necessary to investigate the causes of the disaster, and to educate the public. The work should be done carefully. And as much time as you need”, – said the head of the FSB.

To ensure the return of citizens

The President of the Russian Federation agreed with the recommendations of the NAC to suspend air traffic with Egypt, about which he reported to the head of the FSB after the meeting.

According to the press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov, Putin “has instructed the government to work out mechanisms for the implementation of those recommendations of the NAC and ensure the repatriation of Russian citizens”. As explained Peskov, the President decided to suspend the flights with Egypt until, until will not be provided the proper level of security.

The President also instructed to establish cooperation with the Egyptian side to ensure air traffic safety.

The head of Rosaviatsiya Alexander Neradko said the Department has already begun to shape the implementation plan proposals for the suspension of flights to Egypt by Russian airlines.

In turn, the Federal tourism Agency announced that the duties of the President and the NAC recommendations create a “special headquarters for the organization of export of the Russian tourists currently in Egypt”. Informing the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safronov said that currently on holiday in Egypt are about 45 thousand Russians.

The Europeans fear terrorist attacks

In recent days, three countries – Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands – announced the suspension of flights of its airlines in Sharm El-Sheikh. In addition, Spain, France and some other countries recommended tourists to refrain from trips on the Egyptian resorts. And those tourists who are in Egypt, evacuated home.

This step is due to the suspicion that the cause of the crash A321 could be a detonation of an explosive device. As I write, in particular, British media with reference to sources in the intelligence agencies, which, in turn, refer to the interception of conversations of militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”, the explosive device could be placed in the rear of the aircraft immediately prior to departure.

On the eve of British Prime Minister David Cameron in a telephone conversation with Russian head of state shared available in London with suspicion.

However, no official confirmations that the cause of the accident was a terrorist attack, not yet. According to the President’s press Secretary, Putin’s decision to suspend flights to Egypt does not mean that the basic version of the A321 catastrophe – a terrorist attack.

“Of course, still none of the versions can’t dominate because there is no clear indication in favor of this version”, – said Sands.

Earlier, the Russian Centre is judicial-medical examination has stated that experts from Russia and Egypt during the preliminary inspection of the bodies of passengers did not reveal a trace of mine-explosive effect.

The A321 aircraft to the Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed on 31 October over Northern Sinai. In total the plane was 217 passengers and seven crew members, none survived. The investigation into the accident is ongoing, it is still possible, no version.

The investigation of the crash of the Russian plane in Egypt. Chronicle of events