The company GSS ready when the lifting of the sanctions on Iran put him about 100 aircraft SSJ 100

DUBAI, 8 November. “Civil aircraft of Sukhoi (GHS) plan when lifting the sanctions against Iran to put around 100 aircraft SSJ 100. The journalists within the aerospace salon Airshow 2015 Dubai said the President of JSC “Sukhoi civil aircraft” Ilya Tarasenko.

“There (in Iran – approx. ed.) of great interest for the supply of about 100 aircraft. The potential airlines, Iranian, with whom we discussed the delivery, we expect somewhere just a hundred aircraft,” he said.

Cooperation under the program of SSJ 100

Tarasenko also noted that “Civil aircraft of Sukhoi consider including Iranian companies in cooperation on the program of SSJ 100 in the case of the lifting of sanctions with Iran. “With Iran we are now actively cooperating on the elaboration of the question of the industrial cooperatives in Iran. This is a requirement from the Iranian side. To them seriously enough developed industrial component, which we can quite successfully be used in the interests of our program,” he said.