The interiors of a business jet version of SuperJet 100 will be installed in Venice

DUBAI, 8 November. Customization of the aircraft business version of the SuperJet 100 (SSJ) is intended to supply the Western customers, will occur at the site of SuperJet International (a joint venture of Sukhoi company and Italian Alenia-Finmeccanica). The journalists in the framework of the international exhibition Dubai Airshow has told the Vice-President of sales Eugene Andrachnikov.

“We took a joint decision to develop that would bring “green” (unpainted in the colors of the airline and without an interior plane – approx.) to a business jet exactly at the Venice site for our foreign clients,” he said.

He said that in Venice is planned to make “four, maybe five different options, to certify them, and they will be offered to customers”. The aircraft will be in a different configuration: the number of seats, availability of berth etc. “But they must be unified in order to optimize the costs of development and production,” he said. All airlines in the world operated 57 of the SSJ 100. At the moment operated one aircraft in the business versions under the flag airlines “Rusjet”.