A number of employees of Volkswagen admitted fraud with emissions

Moscow. November 9. Several employees of German automaker Volkswagen admitted fraud by underreporting of emissions from diesel engines, the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The company’s engineers deliberately went for deception, unable by legitimate means to achieve the ambitious goals of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn who resigned after this scandal, the paper reported.

In 2012 at the motor show in Geneva, the head of the concern has declared intention to achieve a 30% reduction of emissions in engines by 2015. Technicians VW didn’t dare to argue with the Manager and held prohibited the manipulation of 2013 until spring 2015.

According to the testimony of one of the engineers of the automaker, the fraud was falsification of actual data on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In particular, to achieve the desired level of tyre pressure increased to 3.5 bar, and engine oil have been added diesel fuel. The same engineer reported that the Federal road Agency of Germany (KBA) checked the company settings only on paper, according to Deutsche Welle.

VW declined to comment on the recognition of their employees.

According to the official representative of the automaker, the causes of the violations in fixing technical parameters of the engines are “the subject of the current proceedings”. VW internal validation showed that the data on fuel consumption and emissions were low during the certification 800 thousand cars.