Baksaas after his CEO post and lost the status of a consultant of Telenor

Moscow. November 9. Strengthening the investigation of illegal transactions telecommunications operators in Uzbekistan initiated the final breakup many years of CEO with the Norwegian Telenor company.

In August of this year, Jon Fredrik Baksaas prematurely retired from the post of President of Telenor, despite the fact that last September his contract was extended by the Board of Directors until the end of 2015. It was planned that until the end of 2016, Baksaas will be a special Advisor to the Board of Directors of Telenor.

On Monday, Telenor said that Baksaas will cease to provide consulting services holding company. Such a decision, the parties adopted in connection with the ongoing investigation of corruption in Uzbekistan, the report said Telenor.

“Recent events related to the investigation against Vimpelcom, and hinder my role as a strategic советникаTelenor,” said Baksaas. He also noted that he finds the current situation with the investigation “unfortunate, difficult and sad” for Telenor.

“It is important that management and the Board of Directors of Telenor had the opportunity to deal effectively with the situation. I hope that my decision (to resign as adviser) contributes to this,” added Baksaas.

He also decided to refuse compensation for their services in 2015. Meanwhile, former CEO Telenor will retain the shares of the holding received under long-term incentive program. Baksaas has worked in Telenor for more than a quarter century, since 1989. In 2002 he became President of the company.

As reported, the U.S. government and the Netherlands (Amsterdam is the headquarters of Vimpelcom) from March 2014 investigating the deal Vimpelcom to Takilant, which is associated with the daughter of Uzbekistan’s President Gulnara Karimova.