Chemezov: GC “rosteh” does not suit the personnel policy the management of “AVTOVAZ”

DUBAI, 9 November. Consolidated revenue GC “rosteh” by the end of 2015 is projected at 1.1 trillion rubles, net profit-40 billion rubles.

The journalists in the framework of the Dubai Airshow 2015 said CEO of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.

“Revenue, if we talk about the end of 2014 was 937 billion rubles, by the end of this year, I think we will reach a trillion. I think that would be 1 trillion 100 billion rubles according to the calculations, at the beginning of next year will already be clear. Net profit was 33.7 billion rubles. This year, I think, will be closer to 40 billion roubles”, – he said.

According to Mr Chemezov, the average salary in the Corporation exceeds 40 thousand rubles. against 37 with small thousand rubles. in 2014.
Speaking about the production plans, the head of Rostec said that the share of civilian products in the current year will be over 30%.

“Our goal is to reach 50%, because in 2020 we are completing the state program of rearmament, and we understand that such volume of state orders will not. So each of our companies has to think what it will do in the future, what are you going to upload your power. All the goal is to maximize the share of civilian products, and not just to produce irons and kettles, and high-tech products,” – said Chemezov.

GC “rosteh” does not suit the personnel policy the management of “AVTOVAZ”, also said Chemezov.