Latvian AirBaltic ready to put additional flights between the Russian Federation and Ukraine via Riga

RIGA, 9 November. /Corr. Maria Ivanova/. Latvian national airline AirBaltic after the discontinuation of air traffic between Russia and Ukraine ready to put additional flights between these countries through the international airport “Riga”. About this korr. I told the Vice-President for corporate communications of the airline Janis Vanags.

“We carefully watched the development of the Russian and Ukrainian markets. We immediately began to offer their products, began to improve it and lowered the prices to stimulate demand for travel through Riga. It is very convenient – no need a visa, all the staff speaks Russian,” he said.

According to him, the demand for flights between Russia and Ukraine via Riga in the discontinuation of air traffic between these countries has increased. “If possible, we increase the number of seats in the aircraft that we have on flights, because this way we can transport twice as many passengers. If the demand will continue to grow, we intend to increase the number of flights. At the moment there is a demand, and good demand. It increased after restrictions on direct air service between Russia and Ukraine, but can’t say how much because it is commercial information,” said Vanags.

In the coming weeks Latvian national aviaperevozok plans to launch more flights between Russia and Ukraine via Riga. “Today we have up to 3 flights a day to Kiev and 5-7 flights per day to Moscow. The message is very good. Riga also for many years well known as a transit point among residents of Ukraine and Russia. They also actively use Riga as a transit point for flights in Scandinavia and in Western Europe. Therefore, we hope that Riga as a transit point will use even more,” he said.

In September, the official Kiev announced the introduction of sanctions against Russian airlines, providing for the restriction or termination of flights to Ukraine. Russia in response has announced the symmetric steps. October 25, air travel between the two countries ceased completely.