Lufthansa due to the strike of flight attendants has cancelled more than 900 flights, including in Russia

BERLIN, 9 November. /Corr. Vyacheslav Filippov/. Germany’s largest airline Lufthansa canceled 929 on scheduled flights, including in Russia, because of a strike of flight attendants. This was announced by the representative of the aviation concern.

The strike takes place at the airports of Frankfurt, Munich and düsseldorf. She started at 04:30 local time (06:30 GMT) and will last until 23:00 (01:00 GMT Tuesday) in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf before midnight (02:00 GMT Tuesday) in Munich. As expected, their plans will have to reconsider about 113 thousand passengers.

In the list of canceled four flights from Frankfurt to Moscow and two in St. Petersburg and two flights from Munich to Moscow and one in St. Petersburg.

The Union of Independent flight attendants organization (NOB) is actually my new tactic: it does not inform in advance about the timing and coverage of the protest so that Lufthansa had no chance to prepare for it. Flight attendants Lufthansa subsidiaries in the strike are not involved.

NOB announced the holding of the strike last Thursday after the two sides failed to agree on another round of tariff negotiations. The strike will take place in the different airports of the country, perhaps with interruptions, until November 13. Dispute, including on the issue of pensions for flight attendants, between NOB and Lufthansa continues for about two years.