Media: court of Vilnius has rejected a complaint of “Gazprom” concerning a penalty

Media: court of Vilnius has rejected a complaint of “Gazprom” concerning a penalty

The competition Council of Lithuania fined Gazprom investigation after unsuccessful attempts by Lietuvos energijos gamyba to sign a holding agreement on the exchange of gas. The company tried to appeal against this decision, but the court dismissed the complaint.

RIGA, 9 Nov. Vilnius regional court upheld the fine imposed on Gazprom in the amount of 35.7 million Euro, informs on Monday the Internet-portal Delfi referring to the court’s ruling.

The court dismissed the claim of “Gazprom” regarding the fine imposed by the Lithuanian competition Council in 2014. The decision can be appealed in a higher court within 14 days. “The judges came to the conclusion that the decision of the competition Council is legal and reasonable, accepted after evaluation of all facts and circumstances, therefore, the applicant’s complaint was rejected as unfounded,” he told the court.

The competition Council of Lithuania fined Gazprom on the results of the investigation, unsuccessful attempts by Lietuvos energijos gamyba (formerly Lietuvos energija) to conclude with the Russian holding a contract on exchange of gas. According to experts of Council, the refusal of “Gazprom” to negotiate with Lithuanian energy company in 2012-2013 have created barriers to the acquisition of its natural gas from another supplier.

The Council considered a violation of competition rules and conditions signed in 2004 agreement buy-sell 34% stake in the gas company Lietuvos dujos. This deal was approved on the condition that Gazprom would not hinder Lithuanian consumers to buy gas from other suppliers.

In February 2012, Lietuvos energijos gamyba found an opportunity to buy gas on more favourable conditions in Western Europe and appealed to “Gazprom export” with the request to provide an opportunity for the exchange of gas. Lietuvos energija has proposed to exchange bought gas in Europe on the one that “Gazprom export” sells Lithuania. When imposing a fine, take into account the income of “Gazprom” for 2012 from the sale of gas Lietuvos energijos gamyba, timing violations and their associated risks.

The group assures that it violated his right to protection because he was not allowed to see 60% of the materials of the case. Gazprom claims that the investigation was not completed in the specified period, the circumstances have not been evaluated objectively. In court, Gazprom has also sought to review the documents of the investigation, but in September the Supreme administrative court of Lithuania dismissed the claim of the Russian company.