Nestle has resumed the production of Maggi noodles in India

Moscow. November 9. Swiss company Nestle has resumed production and sales of Maggi noodles in India after a nearly six-month break due to suspected levels of lead in the production company, BBC reports.

In a statement, the company notes that the past five months have been “difficult period for Nestle”, so the management is extremely satisfied with the opportunity to return to the Indian market.

In may of this year the authorities of several States of India found in the noodles elevated levels of lead. Indian food regulator has recognized the country’s popular macaroni products hazardous to health and accused Nestle of violating the rules of food safety.

In June, Nestle announced the destruction of stocks of Maggi noodles worth more than $50 million after the ban of this product by the Indian authorities. According to the results of the second quarter, Nestle India recorded net loss for the first time in 15 years because of falling demand for Maggi is the most popular product of Nestle in the country.

The regulators in several countries, including USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, conducted their own audit of Maggi noodles, manufactured in India, and found in it lead in dangerous amounts.

According to the new head offices of Nestle in India Suresh Narayanan of the results of product tests were initially unreliable, because the laboratories did not have the required accreditation. S. Narayanan added that the new tests, conducted in October, showed that the lead content in Maggi was at a safe level, so the products were allowed to return to the store shelves.

In total, Nestle has destroyed about 400 million packs of Maggi, spending more than $50 million, taking into account the disposal and withdrawal of products from the market.

Currently Nestle plans to provide a telephone line for consumers, allowing customers to inform the company about your possible claims.

Instant noodles Maggi introduced in India in 1983, very popular with locals. Products Nestle has about 80% of the Indian market noodles.