Rosaviatsia: the staff of “Transaero” must be informed of the need to quit

MOSCOW, 9 November. The staff of “Transaero” must be in the shortest possible time informed about the necessity to resign from the airline, stated in the message of Federal air transport Agency following the meeting, devoted to questions of employment of employees of “Transaero”.

“The Deputy General Director of “Transaero” Leonid Kligerman was strongly recommended in the short term to inform the entire staff of “Transaero” about the need to resign from airlines”, – stated in the message.

While the staff of “Transaero” there is an opportunity without loss of seniority or break in employment history find employment in Group companies “Aeroflot” and in other Russian aviation companies and organizations.

The meeting also called on the Board of Directors of “Transaero” to organize the interaction with Federal Executive authorities and personally to arrive to Moscow for the solution of practical problems of employment of redundant employees of the airline.

Today 9 549 thousand employees of the airline “Transaero” are forced to idle by fault of the employer. In addition to regular staff there are still employees who are in the regions – St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk.

“Aeroflot” plans to employ 60 6 thousand employees “Transaero”, one of them directly in “Aeroflot” it is planned to take 2 thousand 765 people. The process of employment of staff of “Transaero” in Moscow branch of airline “Russia” in the coming days it is planned to translate 250 cabin crew and 100 pilots.

The Bankruptcy Of “Transaero”

The airline “Transaero” is the second largest airline in Russia and the main Charter carrier with the deterioration of the economic situation in the country and the increase in the exchange rate began to experience financial difficulties.

The company has been unable to provide its activity and to repay the debt. The government originally discussed the option of selling 75 per cent stake of the airline “Aeroflot”, expecting that the largest carrier will be able to improve the company. However, the holders of shares of Transaero airlines at the time did not collect the stake and pulled the offer.

Eventually, the company went to bankruptcy: banks are pessimistic about the return of its funds. The carrier itself is lost the operator’s certificate on October 16. Also discussed option of selling control in Transaero shareholder S7 Vladislav Fileva, but the deal also fell through.