The delegation of the Russian Federation sent to Cuba to apply for the world festival of youth-2017

MOSCOW, 9 November. The Russian delegation was sent to Cuba to officially submit a bid to host in 2017 in Russia of the 19th world festival of youth and students. The delegation included representatives of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs, various youth organizations, student unions of several universities.

Russia is mobilizing the youth

“Russia has proved to the world that can conduct such a large-scale event at the highest level”, – told reporters before flying to Havana, the head of delegation, head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) Sergey Pospelov. He recalled, in particular, about the experience of the Olympic games in Sochi.

According to Pospelova, “young people around the world interested in Russia and Russian young people want to take and tell you what is actually going on in Russia, than there lives the Russian youth”.

The head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs expressed confidence that the festival will be “useful not only for Russia but for the whole world”.

For its part, the Chairman of the National Council of youth and children’s associations of Russia Grigory Petushkov said that today live in Russia 30 million young people, employ tens of thousands of youth organizations. “I think this festival will be a good step for the consolidation of the youth movement in our country,” he said.

Males convinced that “Russia should and can become the center of attraction for all progressive and democratic youth organizations”. In the interview he said that the main slogans of the festival in Russia will become “slogans for justice, for peace, for friendship, associated with fascism”.

Conditions of participation

Russia’s bid will be submitted on 10 November in Havana, at the General Assembly of the world Federation of democratic youth (WFDY) held in the capital of Cuba from 8 to 12 November.

As explained the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, the Federal Agency for youth Affairs was tasked to organize the work to nominate Russian candidates for the holding of the next festival, the Fund for the promotion of international cooperation, which will organize the bidding campaign, received on these purposes the presidential grant.

According to the Federal Agency for youth Affairs, in addition to Russia, applications for the Festival is going to be in Greece, several countries in Asia, including Vietnam. “We also know that some organizations included in the world Federation of democratic youth from other countries of Europe and North America, are considering bids on their countries”, – said the press service of the Agency.

The decision on the venue of the festival-2017 may be taken during the Assembly of WFDY, and beyond. In this case, Cuba will be the start of the application campaign, the result of which will be announced in March.

As explained in the Federal Agency for youth Affairs, according to the rules of the festival, its agenda and format determined by the host country.

“In the case of a positive consideration of the application, the main task of the festival in Russia could be the formation of the international youth professional community”, – said the press service of the Agency. It is expected that participation in the festival will be able to take at least 30 thousand delegates from more than 140 countries worldwide. They will represent such areas as Economics of the public sector and NGOs, politics, journalism, Economics, culture, science, new technologies, public diplomacy and international cooperation and others.

Previously Pospelov informed that the festival could take place in Moscow or in Sochi. “All the necessary infrastructure… we exist,” he said. Today the head of Federal Agency for youth Affairs said that “the city will decide when the application will be held”.

The history of the festival

The festival is held once in four years, since 1947. It is organized by the world Federation of democratic youth. The first festival was held in Prague. In Moscow it was held twice – in 1957 and 1985. The last time it was held in 2013 in Ecuador.
As explained by Males, in the preparation of Russian proposals were taken into account the experience of large-scale events such as the Olympic games in Sochi and Universiade in Kazan.

In addition, contact the organizers and to the developments of the predecessors who conducted youth festivals in the USSR. “We will raise all archives”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Members of the world youth festival are about 160 youth organizations of social democratic and socialist trend throughout the world.