The MPs will suggest that the head of the FSB to discuss in the state Duma disaster A321

The MPs will suggest that the head of the FSB to discuss in the state Duma disaster A321

Deputies from the LDPR faction Alexander Bortnikov will be invited to a closed government hour to discuss the causes of the tragedy with the crashed aircraft A321 in Egypt.

MOSCOW, 9 Nov. Deputies of the LDPR faction on Monday invite the other colleagues on the Council of the Duma to invite to a closed governmental hour the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma from the liberal-Democrats Igor Lebedev.

The largest disaster in the history of Russian and Soviet aviation took place on 31 October: Airbus A321 airline “Kogalymavia”, which was flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed in the Sinai. Onboard there were 217 passengers and seven crew members. They all died. Earlier Bortnikov at the meeting of the NAC stated that it considers it appropriate to suspend the flights of Russian aviation in Egypt to ascertain the causes of the crash of Airbus A321. On Sunday, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the temporary ban 8 November-flights from Russia to Egypt.

According to Lebedev, no one should and can stay away from these tragic events, primarily the state Duma.

“The events of recent days suggest more and more to the idea that the planes themselves do not fall. And the proposal of the Director of FSB of the Russian President to close Egypt for a tourist stay of our citizens for their safety and preservation of life and health of these heated conversations, thoughts,” — said Lebedev.

“We have now found two working days. We believe that to discuss the causes of the crash and the situation around this you need to invite to a closed government hour in the state Duma of the Federal security service Director Bortnikov and Mr to discuss with him these issues. State Duma deputies have the right to know the truth about what happened,” he said.

According to him, the Council then the Duma can give an instruction to the Committee on rules to work out the date when it would be possible to invite Bortnikov and to bring this to the consideration of the house in the coming days, because it is necessary for the decision of the state Duma. For this project the deputies have to vote.