VEB is going to Finance the project “Russian platinum” in Taimyr

Moscow. November 9. Russian platinum of Musa Bazhayev and VEB are considering the possibility of financing the project of development of polymetallic deposits in the Krasnoyarsk region, said the representative of “Russian platinum”.

On Tuesday, the head of VEB Vladimir Dmitriev and the owner of “Russian platinum” Bazhayev will sign a Memorandum of cooperation.

Under the agreement, the possible entrance of the Bank in the capital of the company, noted in the “Russian platinum”, without specifying details.

“Russian platinum” owns two licenses for deposits of platinum in the Taimyr and Montenegro and the southern part of the Deposit “Norilsk-1” (the Northern part is developing “Norilsk Nickel”). The volume of investments in the southern part of “Norilsk-1” previously was estimated at $2.8 billion Bazhayev had intended to 2019 to invest $4 billion “with the aim of creating in Russia a world leader in production of platinum group metals”. One third of funding in 2013 was willing to provide Gazprombank, having received a share. However, a partner of the “Russian platinum” and Gazprombank did not, including because of sanctions imposed on him, said close to the company source.

A priority area for investment remains Chernogorskoye, said the representative of the company Bazhayev.

Earlier “Russian platinum” intended to remove factory at Montenegro design capacity of 2.5 million tonnes of ore by October 2017 as the first phase of their project. By August 2024 was planned to complete the second phase – the commissioning of the mining enterprise on the southern part of the Deposit “Norilsk-1” capacity-6 million tons of ore.

“Now this concept is revised. Perhaps we will add to raw Montenegrin rich ores of the southern part of “Norilsk-1″. In any case, the final word (for project configuration) – for the bankers,” – said the representative of “Russian platinum”. The web presents several variants of the project, he added.

So far the only mining asset of the “Russian platinum” is a placer Deposit of platinum of Konder in the Amur region, the development of which started in 1984. Developing Conder child “Artel of prospectors “Amur” for January-September has made 2 tons 536 kg (81,53 thousand Troy ounces) platinum. Also “Russian platinum” control “Amur Gold”.