Gleb Fetisov on 12 December will leave as head of the “Alliance of greens and social Democrats”

MOSCOW, November 10. The party “Alliance of greens and social Democrats” on December 12 will hold an extraordinary Congress to discuss the resignation of co-Chairman of the party of Gleb Fetisov and the name change. This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of the party Sergey Bogdanov following the meeting of the Central Council.

“On 12 December (the Congress), the decision was made, created by the organizing Committee of the Congress, defined the agenda,” he said.

According to Bogdanov, the Congress will decide the issue of changing the name of the party “green Alliance”, the resignation of the only currently co-chair of the party Fetisov, the election of the governing bodies of the party, the new bylaws.

Fetisov was not present at the meeting of the Central Council, noted the Agency interlocutor. Bogdanov added that Fetisov was sent to members of the Board of appeal, which explained the desire to leave the post of co-chair of the personal circumstances. “Health problems, a year and a half of people in jail, uncovered a criminal case, he is under recognizance not to leave. As long as he believes his presence will complicate the position of the party”, – he explained.

Bogdanov expressed confidence that the re-registration in Ministry of justice in connection with changes in the name and Charter of the party will not last and will not complicate the preparations for the elections to the state Duma. “We did it three times already, so I think we will make so that to us no questions and comments”, – he stressed.

Ex-Senator and former owner of “My Bank” Gleb Fetisov, accused in six episodes of fraud in especially large size. Since February 2014, he was under arrest, at the end of August was released. The criminal case against Fetisov was initiated following a petition to the Central Bank, carried out the check in “My Bank”. According to investigators, in the result of illegal actions on withdrawal of assets the Bank did not fulfill obligations to depositors and obligations under their repayment is worth more than 6 billion rubles were assigned to the state Corporation “Agency for deposits insurance”.