In the HRC and the state Duma asked to lift the sanctions with “friendly” Russia companies

MOSCOW, 10 Nov. Member of the presidential Council for human rights, Yana Lantratova and state Duma Deputy Igor Zotov on Tuesday sent first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov with the proposal to establish a register of foreign companies publicly supporting the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, and give them the opportunity to work in Russia. The text of the address available.

At the end of July 2014, the EU and the US imposed sanctions on several sectors of the Russian economy due to the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West on the background of the conflict in Ukraine. In response, Russia in August 2014 restricted imports of food products from countries that have imposed sanctions against it, and declared the policy of import substitution. In the summer of 2015, the sanctions and retaliatory Russian measures were extended for another year.

“We ask you to consider the possibility of realization of complex of measures aimed at promoting friendly Russian entrepreneurs abroad, in particular the establishment of a register of private foreign companies that oppose sanctions against Russia, and the development of a mechanism to enable them to operate on the territory of our country”, — the statement says.

Commenting on this initiative, Lantratova said that we are talking about the establishment of a special mechanism to promote “friendly to our country, social activists and entrepreneurs.” “This issue recently discussed in the European discussions,” added the member of the HRC.

The authors of the appeal also asked Shuvalov to support the project of creation of the international Association of economic partnership “the European Union — the Eurasian Union”. According to Zotova, the two combining in the medium term will start to actively cooperate “regardless of political preferences of the U.S. on Ukraine and Syria.”

In this case, the MP said, “many European businessmen are ready to partially localize their business on the territory of our country.” The transfer of some facilities “will have a positive impact on the investment climate and economic situation in Russia,” the statement says.

In the letter it is specified that the reason for the request became the treatment of the representatives of the European business community and political circles of some European countries. Among those who are now ready to form an economic Association and publicly Express their support for Russia — Polish-the Eurasian economic Council, business people from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Montenegro.

According to the leader of the Polish party “Change” here Piskorski, if the political elites of countries that supported sanctions against Russia, refusing contact with her, “the representatives of the business community will create these contacts”.

In turn, member of the management Board of the Polish-Eurasian economic Council Marina Klebanovich said that it is impossible to deny the fact that a number of Eastern European countries recently included in the block of the Warsaw Pact, and about 70% of the population speak Russian. “So the society after the protracted confrontation comes to a natural conclusion about the necessity of resuming full-fledged partnership relations with Russia”, — said Klebanovich.