Media: FAS intends to allow the sale of albanerpeton

MOSCOW, November 10. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia intends to advocate for the abolition of regional bans the sale of albanerpeton. As have informed “news” in a press-Department service, this provision will be set out in the report of the FAS to the government on topical issues of the alcohol market.

“The FAS has repeatedly expressed the view that the prohibition of separate types of goods in different regions leads to the violation of the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees unity of economic space, freedom of movement of goods, but also of the law “On protection of competition” and the law “On trade”, – said the press service of the edition.

In the FAS noted that the judiciary, including the Supreme arbitration court, do not share the position of the service. Given the position of the judicial authorities, the FAS Russia there are no grounds to apply to the court demanding the abolition of regional laws, noted in a press-service.

“FAS Russia has consistently advocated that, if it is determined that any type of alcoholic beverages is harmful, prohibit its implementation solely at the Federal level”, – explained the position of the Agency in a press – service.

In this case, the Department was given to understand that the Russian ban of albanerpeton unlikely. In the state Duma for the last six years, there have been bills banning non-alcoholic soft drinks at the Federal level, but they all expressed a negative opinion of the government of the Russian Federation. “In the end, none of them was even adopted in the first reading”, – noted in press-service FAS.