On food aid in the Russian Federation in 2017 will allocate up to 70 billion rubles

Moscow. November 10. In 2017 in the framework of the concept of development of domestic food aid to the population in the Russian Federation it is planned to allocate 70 billion rubles. These calculations were made by the specialists of the Ministry of industry and trade in preparation for the so-called ration cards for the poor.

As stated by the representative Minpromtorga Alexander Liventsev at the “round table” on Tuesday in Moscow, the calculation of subsidies for 2017 showed that one household member per month on average 1400 roubles. “It’s deficiency of income in the households to the subsistence minimum taking into account the consumption of food, various social payments,” he said.

According to him, the number of poor in Russia there are about 20 million people. However, not all of them will be eligible for additional payments, as “all pass filters”.

Lifintsev said that for the implementation of the concept proposed to establish an electronic food certificate. Its essence is to provide certain categories of citizens the money to purchase food and domestic production. Alcohol and tobacco products to buy on this certificate will be impossible. It shall not be cash money on it.

On this certificate you can buy only those goods that have short shelf life. In particular, from the list of excluded cereals and canned goods, but meat, dairy, fish products, vegetables and fruits, eggs, greens. In preparation for more range, it is possible that this list will include frozen fish and meat products.

According to Lifintsev, food e-certificates can be purchased in any retail organization, provided that it’s connected to a single system and provides acquiring services.