Spravorossy will submit to the Duma a bill on compulsory fingerprinting of arriving without visas

MOSCOW, November 10. Faction “Fair Russia” will introduce on Tuesday a bill on which all visitors to Russia from countries with which Russia has a visa-free regime, will have to undergo a mandatory fingerprinting procedure. The journalists said the first Deputy head of the faction Mikhail Emelyanov.

“Today, “Fair Russia” will introduce legislation relating to additional requirements for entering our country on visa-free regime”, – said Emelyanov.

According to him, according to the draft law, “individuals who enter the Russian Federation from the countries for which a visa is mandatory must undergo a fingerprint examination”.

According to the authors of the initiative, in terms of fight against terrorism which will allow Russia to more effectively restrict entry of people who may be involved in terrorist activities. “We believe that fingerprinting will more clearly identify all entries in the Russian Federation who enters and why,” explained Emelyanov.