The CBR is going to start application of the mechanism of bail-in next year

Moscow. November 10. The Bank of Russia expects in 2016 to begin to use this mechanism of bail-in – force the use of the funds creditors to solve the problems of unstable banks, said the Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov at the meeting of the leadership of the Central Bank with bankers organized by the ARB.

“I think at the end of this – early next year we will discuss the mechanism of how lenders in a mandatory manner in case and for them it is access, will be able to participate in financial rehabilitation of banks as a consequence of administrative decisions by the Central Bank, Agency on insurance of contributions”, he said, reminding that now it is also possible, but on a voluntary basis.

According to Sukhova, you need to come up with a solution for financial rehabilitation of banks, to minimize large-scale government spending and keep the trust of creditors to the Bank.