The Eurogroup has lowered the forecast of economic growth in the EU

Moscow. November 9. The Eurogroup has forecast a slowdown of economic growth in its countries. Growth will recover, albeit at a smaller pace than expected.

This conclusion is based on last week’s autumn economic forecast of the European Union in 2015.

As noted by the Chairman of the Eurogroup Jeroen Deysselblum on the outcome of Monday’s meeting of Finance Ministers, the growth rate was affected by the economic slowdown in China and other emerging market economies.

Finance Ministers of the Eurogroup agreed that “additional efforts are necessary to move the recovery into self-sustaining economic growth in the framework of the strategy, including a sound fiscal policy, structural reforms and investment”.

The Eurogroup welcomed the proposals of the European Commission in the area of economic management, calling them “a first contribution to the discussion on the completion of Economic and monetary Union (EMU)”.