The net profit of Russian banks for the first 10 months amounted to 192 billion rubles

Moscow. November 10. Russian banks for 10 months of 2015 received a net profit of $ 192 billion rubles, said first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Alexey Simanovsky at a meeting between the Bank of Russia with bankers on Tuesday.

“The profit of the banking sector increased somewhat, and now 192 billion rubles on 1 November. We cautiously predicted on 1 January of the following year evaluation of 200 billion roubles, we said: (perhaps) a little more than less. Now we can say that the bar 200 billion will be achieved,” – said Simanovsky.

He also said that in October, Russian banks, excluding foreign exchange revaluation increased the lending to the economy by 0.4% and reduced the retail loans by 0.5%.