AEB: sales of passenger cars and LCV in October fell by 38.5%

MOSCOW, November 10. Sales of passenger and light commercial (LCV) car in October 2015 dropped by 38.5% to 129,9 thousand compared with the same period a year earlier, the report said the Association of European businesses (AEB). In January-October, the fall amounted to 33.6% to 1,322 million cars.

“After a brief respite in August and September, the pace of decline in October accelerated again. The main reason for the trend reversal, the current stable exchange rate, an unexpected fall in August which resulted in increased sales at the expense of future periods. It is the buyers made their choice at the time, now not enough. Besides, the suspension of government programs to support recycling and trade-in, originally launched in September last year, has a negative impact on retail sales,” commented Chairman of the AEB automobile manufacturers Committee Joerg Schreiber, whose words are reported.

Top selling

Among the best selling brands in Russia by the end of October, first place is occupied by Lada (a decrease of 46% to 20.6 thousand cars), second place – Kia (minus 17% to 14.4 thousand), third place Hyundai (minus 8%, to 14.1 thousand cars), fourth – Renault (minus 35% to 10,8 thousand cars).

The leading five is concluded by Volkswagen (a decrease of 26%, to 6.9 thousand).

Among the best selling models by the end of October the first place is occupied by Hyundai Solaris (minus 10%, to 9.5 thousand), on the second place Lada Granta (minus 55,3%, to 9.3 thousand cars), the third – New Kia Rio (plus 27% to 9 thousand), the fourth – Volkswagen Polo (plus 19.9 percent, to 3.7 million units). Closes the five of leaders Renault Duster (minus 27.2% to 4.2 thousand).