Crimean wines were a hit with the wine festival in Merano

ROME, November 10. /Corr.TASS Alexey Bukalov, Faith Shcherbakov/. Wine from the Crimea – the legendary Massandra and sparkling wines “New world” – made a splash at a wine festival, which culminated in the Italian town of Merano (Autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige).

Sophisticated Italians not easy to surprise a wine – culture of winemaking in Italy has for many centuries and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. And yet the Crimean wines were appreciated by not only ordinary visitors, but also professional expert sommelier. During the so-called “vertical tasting,” festival goers were able to try the rare instances of “Massandra” – from 1973 until 1990-ies.

Start making wine here put Prince Lev Golitsyn (1845-1915), who was appointed in 1891 as chief winemaker Specific Department in Crimea and the Caucasus. It was he who laid the first in the Russian Empire of the underground winery of tunnel type for the production of table and dessert wines, the cost of construction which amounted to 1 million Imperial rubles. Since then, the Crimean wine was regularly supplied to the Imperial table.

The history of winemaking in Russia, the festival Director told the “Business and cultural center of the Republic of Crimea” Yaroslav Ivanchenko, and work stands provided the Russian centre named after N. And.Borodina in Merano. But winemakers are unable to come to Italy: as explained korr. Director of the Meran center Andrey Pruss, Crimeans were not given entry visas.

Fortunately, the sanctions have not touched the Crimean products, and the Italians got the opportunity to open a new wine region. For example, the festival’s organizer Helmut Keher, who recently visited the Peninsula, the Crimean wines are quite competitive and did not exclude in the future of their exports.

The first wine was made in the Crimea in 1898. Now in the cellars of “Massandra” consists of over 400 thousand bottles of vintage domestic and foreign wines for over 700 items. The age of some of them exceeds 200 years. The total number of bottles here – one million. Winery Association “Massandra” are now producing 60 brands of vintage and ordinary wines. The most famous of them – the white Muscat of the red stone, which has twice been recognized at international competitions the best wine in the world.

Appreciated the quality of Crimean wines and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who during a recent visit to the Crimea visited the legendary wine cellars.